Industrial Control of Odor Using Specialty Enzymes


ZymeOutTM is a specialty non-toxic / non-biocidal fluid additive that prevents odor by specifically controlling Sulfate Reducing Bacterial (SRB) at the source in simple low dose applications.  

The presence of  ZymeOutTM controls SRB by ensuring that the natural death rate of SRB is greater than growth rate and it prevents hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas  from being created at the source.


SRB Causes Bioflims in Sewers Resulting in Clogging and Corrosion

LCP Tech, Inc. has developed a specialty chemistry mixture which contain enzymes called ZymeOutTM. This chemistry stops odor by preventing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas  from being created by the presence of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB). The use of ZymeOutTM breaks the sulfur cycle by preventing the formation of sulfide within the slime layers.  It is not a biocide and does not harm any bacteria – aerobic or anaerobic.  It allows the slime layers to break up on there own by disrupting the capability of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRBs) to form and fortify the slime layers.  This results in slime layer naturally sloughing off, thereby eliminating the major source of sulfide production within the sewer pipe.

ZymeOutTM has significant advantages: Prevents hydrogen sulfide gas at the source; Non-Toxic, Worker Friendly Product; Not impacted by pH or temperature; Low Dosage 200-1000ppm; Pond water is clear and recyclable; Eliminates black sulfide precipitates; Controls fungal growth caused by presence of sulfide; Stabilizes the pH; Extends sewer and equipment life by controlling microbial induced corrosion (MIC).

Industries that can benefit from using ZymeOutTM

Sugar & Sugar Beet Ponds & Lagoons , Municipal / Industrial Sewers, Pulp & Paper Industry, Oil Drilling, Biogas Production in Anaerobic Sludge Digesters, Landfills

Any Industry with Odor or Corrosion issues due to H2S and SRB

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