Industrial Control of Odor Using Specialty Enzymes


Industries that can benefit from using ZymeOutTM

Sugar & Sugar Beet Ponds & Lagoons, Municipal Sewers, Pulp & Paper Industry, Oil Drilling,  Biogas Production in Anaerobic Sludge Digesters,  Landfills

Pulp & Paper Industry: We have successfully trialed ZymeOutTM in the Sugar Beet Industry and we are currently looking for a trial of the technology in the pulp & paper industry. The technology allows the slime layers to break up on there own by disrupting the capability of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRBs) to form and fortify the slime layers.  This results in slime layers naturally sloughing off or not forming in the first place. Added benefit to this may be significantly easier cleaning of the presses and equipment. Significant cost savings may be possible when combined with chlorination. It is possible that very low amounts of chlorination would be necessary because the bacteria is "exposed" as compared to hiding in the slime layers. If you are interested in a trial at your plant, please contact us.

Any Industry with Odor or Corrosion Issues Due to H2S and SRB